Welcome to the Auxivo Academy

Not sure yet if exoskeletons are the right solution for you? Not yet familiar enough with the field to make an informed decision? Through the Auxivo Academy we offer a selection of webinars, seminars, videos and products that will help you to understand our exoskeletons and their potential. You can find more information below and book our events directly here on this page.

Upcoming Live Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Exoskeleton Lab Testing

Learn how we test our exoskeletons in the lab. This is typically done several times during development and helps us to benchmark and validate the performance of our devices.

The educational Exoskeleton Kit EduExo

As part of our Auxivo Academy program we are offering the educational exoskeleton kit EduExo to enable students, teachers, hobbyists and researchers to enter the field. The kit contains the hardware that you need to assemble and program your own elbow exoskeleton. A handbook contains a tutorial that will guide you through the different steps.

Please find more information about the EduExo on the EduExo product page. You can order the EduExo directly through our online shop