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Welcome to Auxivo

We develop wearable exoskeletons that support workers during physically demanding jobs. Our products reduce the stress and strain workers are experiencing to ensure their wellbeing. Please contact us if you are interested or in case you have any questions.

Our Products

We develop wearable exoskeletons that support workers executing physically demanding tasks such as the frequent lifting and carrying of heavy objects. Our products reduce the workload  to reduce exhaustion and fatigue to ensure the workers' long-term wellbeing.

Use Cases

Construction sites, airports, moving companies, nursing, and many more. Wearable exoskeletons are very versatile and can be used in many situations where systems such as cranes, conveyor belts etc. cannot be deployed. We work together with top-tier industry partners to ensure our products meet all the requirements of the job. Contact us, if you have a potential use case and would like to evaluate our technology.

About Us

We are currently a research project at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and plan to spin-off a company in 2019. Our highly motivated team is developing the next generation of lightweight wearable exoskeletons.