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Lightweight Exoskeleton
for natural Back-Support

The most advanced lightweight back-support exoskeleton, offering natural muscle support and unparalleled usability.

The LiftSuit offers versatile back and hip support during repetitive lifting or prolonged forward-leaning work, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.


An innovative support concept inspired by human anatomy delivers a natural way of supporting back and hip muscles.


Relying on a fully textile frame to optimize for lightness, comfort, and freedom of movement, the LiftSuit blends the lines between advanced exoskeleton technology and work clothes to achieve a new level of practical performance.


Inspired by human anatomy,
for unlimited versatility


Small, low-profile, flexible, lightweight, and naturally adapting to the user’s body,
the LiftSuit allows full freedom
of movement across all
work activities.

Whether you work in open or confined spaces, stand or kneel, or occasionally need to sit down, the LiftSuit offers nearly unlimited versatility.


Its support system imitates the behavior of human muscles, resulting in natural and intuitive assistance.
An easy-to-use adjustment mechanism allows for
quick individualization.


The fully textile frame combines advanced exoskeleton technology with traditional work clothes, ensuring
all-day use without limitations.

The lightweight, low-profile design blends the line between the exoskeleton and work clothes.


The ergonomic design provides natural muscle support while allowing full freedom of movement.


Lightweight and highly energy-efficient


Advanced technical textiles and artificial muscles create a lightweight and highly energy-efficient exoskeleton.

As a textile exoskeleton, the LiftSuit is engineered to achieve the highest level of flexibility and energy efficiency. A weight of only 0.9 kg ensures effortless everyday use.


Integrated Elastic Energy Storage (EES) elements act
as artificial muscles that support the human back
and hip muscles by relying on gravity compensation
and energy recuperation.


Made from wear-resistant technical textiles for durability and machine washability, the LiftSuit is easy to maintain and integrate into operations.

The use of advanced technical textiles creates a high level of flexibility and results in a lightweight, low-profile exoskeleton.


Textile springs act as artificial back muscles to support the user in a natural, energy-efficient way.


Versatility in a wide
range of applications


With its unique versatility, the LiftSuit can significantly reduce workload in a wide range of applications.

The LiftSuit provides significant relief for back and hip muscles during lifting or extended periods of leaning forward, significantly reducing the user’s physical strain.


By combining this support with its optimized size, weight, comfort, and ease of use, it achieves a very high level of versatility and performance.


This performance makes the LiftSuit suitable for various industries. Whether you are lifting 1000 boxes daily in a warehouse, managing hundreds of luggage pieces at an airport under time constraints, spending hours leaning forward in agricultural work, or frequently bending over patients in healthcare settings, the LiftSuit offers reliable support.

Versatility of the LiftSuit in different fields and tasks. 

Scientific evaluations show that the LiftSuit significantly reduced muscle load and fatigue in the back and hip.

Backed by intensive research
and scientific evidence.


The Auxivo team conducted intense biomechanical evaluations and field testing of the LiftSuit throughout the entire development process. 


The results show that wearing the LiftSuit reduces muscle activity and delays the process of fatiguing. The results of this evaluation have been summarized and published in the LiftSuit Performance Sheet.

Average back muscle support when leaning
holding load 


Average back muscle fatigue reduction 


Average hip muscle fatigue reduction 

Cardiac cost reduction when lifting loads



For more detailed scientific data, please refer to the:
LiftSuit Performance Sheet - English

How to use the LiftSuit

With a bit of training and "getting used to" the LiftSuit is a piece of equipment that you can use very intuitively during work. The following video will give you a quick overview on how to put it on, setting the support and about general use and handling of the LiftSuit.

How to get an LiftSuit

The LiftSuit is available for sale in Europe.

You can order the LiftSuit directly through our online shop.
In case you have any questions, please contact us.

Customers from outside Europe, please contact our sales team to check availability in your region
through our growing network of distribution partners.

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