The Auxivo LiftSuit
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The Auxivo LiftSuit®

The LiftSuit is a lightweight (< 0.9kg), textile exoskeleton that supports back and hip muscles when lifting objects from below hip level, or when working in a forward-leaning position. It is designed to reduce workload, muscle fatigue and exhaustion.

Why the LiftSuit​?

The LiftSuit is a uniquely versatile support system that provides support for its users' back- and hip muscles anytime and anywhere they need it. As a wearable exoskeleton that is worn like clothes, it can be used in many situations where traditional means, such as cranes or conveyor belts cannot be deployed, e.g. inside airplane holds or buildings. 

How it works 


The LiftSuit acts like a set of additional, external muscles to unload the back and hip muscles while lifting as well as working in a forward leaning position. Integrated, specially developed textile springs store energy which is then used to support the user. The solution offers an easy-to-use, small and lightweight support system that users can wear without being constrained. Users can activate, deactivate and adjust the support manually on demand.

Left: The LiftSuit supports your back and hip muscles by providing you with a set of "external muscles" on your back. Right: muscle activity measurements of a person‘s back muscles when lifting 10 kg from the ground and putting it back down. The red line is the muscle activity without the LiftSuit, the blue line with LiftSuit support. The considerable reduction in muscle activity shows the support provided by the LiftSuit.

What kind of work is supported by the LiftSuit?

Lifting Objects

While lifting from below hip-level, the integrated elastic elements store energy when users bend forward, and releases the energy when she/he starts lifting the object. Therefore, the user gets additional energy that can relieve the back and hip muscles. Additionally, the elastic elements foster a proper lifting posture. The LiftSuit does not only support normal lifting, it also supports lifting and handling objects while working on the knees.

Working in a Forward-Leaning Posture

Working for hours in a forward-leaning posture even without any additional weight can strain your back muscles as they carry your upper body weight. Thus, the LiftSuit also supports such posture whereas the elastic elements store the required energy allowing users to rely on the LiftSuit to support them, both when standing or kneeling.

LiftSuit Features

One of the main requirements for the LiftSuit was the ability to provide support in almost any situation combined with a very high usability. The result is an easy-to-use, small and lightweight wearable support exosuit that users can activate manually when they want back- and hip muscle support in any given situation. Its optimized design allows full freedom of movement for its users.

Comfortable even for long periods

Use in confined spaces

No movement constraints

Easy to use

Can be worn while driving

Wear over & under clothes

De-/Activation Mechanism

fast donning

& doffing

Lightweight (<0.9kg, 2lbs)

No batteries


How to get a LiftSuit

As of Q2 - 2020, you can rent the LiftSuit to test it, and we are offering a limited amounts of LiftSuits to selected customers and partners in Switzerland and Europe. We also offer LiftSuit starter packages that include a certain number of LiftSuits as well as one day on site training. For all other customers in Europe, please contact us to check availability in your region.

Product Demonstration

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Individual Offer

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  4. Discounted Starter Packages and volume discounts available.



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