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A Unique Multitask Exoskeleton
for Versatile Support 

A fully integrated exoskeleton that intuitively adapts to the individual needs of its users, providing unparalleled versatility for multitasking activities.

Designed to deliver a unique level of versatility, the OmniSuit provides a combined shoulder and back support solution for dynamic work activities,
including overhead and lifting tasks.


Focused on ergonomics and human-centered engineering, the OmniSuit seamlessly covers the entire vertical range of motion without compromising performance.


Versatile, lightweight, and high-performance, the OmniSuit defines a new dimension of multitask exoskeletons, offering individualized solutions tailored for a wide range of work environments.


Emphasizing simplicity, ergonomics and usability


With its hybrid exoskeleton frame, the OmniSuit combines rigid and soft components seamlessly to create a highly ergonomic and versatile
support system. 

The proven split vest allows for unconstrained spine movements while maximizing breathability, and dynamic misalignment compensation for a maximized freedom of movement experience. The meticulously crafted
mechanical components seamlessly integrate into the hybrid frame, aligning with the natural contours of
the human body.

Balanced and streamlined to the essentials, the OmniSuit design incorporates a wide range of Auxivo signature features including user-centric ergonomics and usability.

The ergonomic design naturally aligns with the human body, allowing unstrained movement over a large vertical range of motion.


Advanced integration of mechanical and textile components ensures the upper and lower extremities are optimally supported.


Energy recuperation  and a lightweight  frame for maximum efficiency.


Robust support and high energy efficiency through cutting-edge technology and materials, all within a compact, lightweight exoskeleton with multitask capabilities.

As a fully integrated multitask exoskeleton, the OmniSuit
is engineered to maximize anatomical compatibility
and energy efficiency while minimizing weight and size. 


Advanced materials such as aerospace-grade aluminum, polymers, and technical textiles contribute to a
lightweight and low-profile exoskeleton. At 2.7 kg (size M), the OmniSuit achieves a new level of agility, ensuring effortless everyday use.

The multiple support system consists of two Elastic Energy Storage (EES) units that utilize gravity compensation and energy recuperation for the back and shoulders.

Responsive at all times and always ready to use, the fully integrated construction provides a lightweight and highly
energy-efficient exoskeleton.

The telescopic mechanism in the arm ensures a seamless fit between exoskeleton
and user, optimizing ergonomics and usability. 


The back support can be gradually tuned to a variety of tasks, while the need for shoulder support is covered through two support levels.


Versatility without compromise.


Experience a new level of versatile performance that seamlessly adapts to your dynamic work activities without compromise.

The OmniSuit is the first fully integrated exoskeleton to offer multitask support for overhead and lifting work. It can support both activities seamlessly without compromising on performance.

As a combined back and shoulder exoskeleton, no one needs to choose between lifting and overhead support anymore when the work actually requires both. With its highly integrated design, the OmniSuit assists users
in handling loads all the way from floor level to the
highest shelf. 

Backed by intensive research
and scientific evidence.


The Auxivo team conducted intense biomechanical evaluations and field testing of the OmniSuit throughout the entire development process. 


The results show that wearing the OmniSuit reduces muscle activity and delays the process of fatiguing. The results of this evaluation will be summarized and published soon in the OmniSuit Performance Sheet.

Shoulder fatique reduction

Back mucle fatique reduction

Shoulder muscle support during overhead assembly

Back muscle support during forward leaning.





How to get an OmniSuit

The OmniSuit will be available for sale in Europe
starting mid-October 2023.

In case you have any questions, please contact us.

Customers from outside Europe, please contact our sales team to check availability in your region
through our growing network of distribution partners.

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