About Auxivo AG

Auxivo AG was incorporated in 2019 as a Spin-Off from the Rehabilitation Engineering Lab at ETH Zürich. ETH has a long tradition in exoskeleton and health related wearable robotics research. An important part of this research has always been to investigate how wearable exoskeletons need to be designed to ensure they provide the right amount of support while not negatively affecting their users. Our work at Auxivo is based on the expertise and knowledge of many years of exoskeleton development and research, as well as on our proprietary technology developed over the last years.


The Auxivo Team


Working at auxivo

At Auxivo, we focus on the development of wearable exoskeletons to support industry workers. To ensure that we develop the right solutions, we cooperated with leading industry partners and are in permanent contact and exchange with future users. Combining rapid prototyping technologies with biomechanical analyses in our lab, we make sure that the products we develop provide the support needed and are suitable for everyday use in an industrial setting.


Join Auxivo

We are currently looking for talented and motivated people to join our sales & marketing team. We are also regularly offering various student projects in engineering, health- and medical sciences, and sales & marketing. Please reach out to us if you are looking for an opportunity.


Auxivo AG was founded by Volker Bartenbach, Michael Stucky and Roger Gassert who started working together in 2017 to turn exoskeleton research results and technology into commercial products.


Volker Bartenbach


Volker holds a PhD in exoskeleton robotics from ETH Zürich and is the recipient of an ETH Pioneer Fellowship and a SNSF/Innosuisse Bridge Fellowship.

Michael Stucky.jpg

Michael Stucky


Michi holds Master degrees from both the University of Zurich as well as from Stanford. He is a startup and business coach at ETH Zürich and Innosuisse and a former Co-founder and CFO of GlycoVaxyn AG.


Prof. Roger Gassert

Scientific Advisor

Roger is the head of the Rehabilitation Engineering Lab at ETH Zürich and an internationally renowned expert in the field of health-related wearable robotics.



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