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The New Overhead Exoskeleton for Enhanced Shoulder Support.

A unique symbiosis of innovative design and human-centered engineering sets a new benchmark in ergonomics and dynamic performance.

Designed to adapt to its wearer’s unique movements and support requirements, the DeltaSuit represents the
forefront of innovation in this field.  


Developed around the needs of the most demanding active workers, the DeltaSuit is the result of scientific research, the use of innovative materials, Swiss engineering and an incessant passion for building a unique overhead exoskeleton that provides workers
with at or above-shoulder support while allowing unrestricted movement.


With its avant-garde integrated hybrid design and anthropomorphic approach, the DeltaSuit offers an unparalleled comfort and performance experience,
setting new standards in the occupational
exoskeleton field.


Elegant, understated,
functional and highly


Reduced to maximise, the DeltaSuit design represents one of the most innovative expressions of passive exoskeleton design.

Designed to achieve the perfect balance between movement flexibility, dynamic support and usability, the DeltaSuit introduces a groundbreaking design
approach by converging various mechanical and textile engineering solutions into a unique, integrated hybrid exoskeleton packed into an easy-to-use and fully adjustable design.


Meticulously crafted, the design shapes intuitively follow the natural alignments of the human body, creating a sleek and compact design with an unparalleled ergonomic experience. This ensures accessibility and usability even in the tightest and most challenging working environments.

The split-vest design ensures flexible movement and acts as an interface for the mechanical structure, and through the vest, the DeltaSuit is attached to the thorax instead of the hip for unconstrained upper-body movement. 


A synthesis of
ergonomics and



A multidisciplinary synthesis of 

biomechanics, ergonomics and engineering based on years of research and development.

The foundation of the DeltaSuit is based on extensive research in biomechanics, ergonomics and engineering, integrating sophisticated and lightweight materials. All this know-how comes together in a meticulously designed, compact wearable exoskeleton that goes beyond
conventional solutions.


Featuring a unique hybrid exoskeleton design, the DeltaSuit combines rigid and soft components seamlessly to create a system that offers high support while ensuring maximal freedom of movement and usability.


The DeltaSuit is made from advanced materials, including lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium alloy,
technical polymers and a mix of Cordura® and 3D-mesh structure textiles. This makes it one of the lightest overhead exoskeletons on the market and provides dynamic reinforcement to its structure, resulting in a high level of support and unconstrained movements.


The heart of the support system is the proven EES (Elastic Energy Storages) highly integrated into the compact
shoulder structure, which can be adjusted in two levels

of support, enabling a new level of user performance customization.

The telescopic mechanism in the arm and elasticity in
the split vest ensure maximal anatomical compatibility
with the user and high usability.


The user can choose from two levels of support:
level 1 provides 5.2 Nm of peak support, while level 2
provides 6.6 Nm.


Adaptive and dynamic

without compromise


Embrace a new level of ergonomic and dynamic performance that adapts to your needs.

Say goodbye to the days when overhead activities caused strain on your neck and shoulder and heavy support systems restric