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Educating Future
Exoskeleton Pioneers

Our EduExo product line supports educators, students, hobbyists, and researchers in accessing exoskeleton knowledge and hardware for learning, teaching, and research. 


Our EduExo kits are an important part of our mission to make exoskeletons accessible and understandable to everyone. They provide educators and students with a tool to teach and learn about exoskeleton technology. By offering a fully-fledged exoskeleton introduction, our educational EduExo kits are designed to make learning about exoskeleton technology more accessible and efficient, saving educators significant preparation time and costs.

The kits consist of two main elements: a handbook, which introduces users to different aspects of exoskeletons and their technology, and the hardware, which is provided as a do-it-yourself kit. Combining those two elements, users can acquire a broad knowledge of exoskeletons and train their practical skills by building and programming their own exoskeleton.

The different EduExos


EduExo Pro


Our advanced educational exoskeleton kit features sophisticated exoskeleton hardware and a comprehensive handbook covering many topics of exoskeleton development. Perfect for higher education and research.

EduExo Lite 

The EduExo Lite contains a printed handbook and all the parts to assemble an elbow exoskeleton. It is perfect for educators, students, and hobbyists.


EduExo Maker


A digital open-source exoskeleton that can be downloaded for free. It contains a PDF handbook, STL files to 3D print a simple elbow exoskeleton, and a list of the required components to order.

Feature overview

Auxivo as your partner for exoskeleton education

Coming from an academic background, we have extensive experience in education and research. Many of our team members have taught exoskeleton technology, robotics, movement sciences, and other subjects at universities. Through this teaching experience, we have found that project-based, hands-on learning is essential for a deep understanding of exoskeletons. Building and wearing them connects theoretical concepts to practical experience, helping students grasp fundamental principles, acquire practical skills, and develop the confidence needed to create real-world solutions.

As the exoskeleton industry is still young and rapidly evolving, access to up-to-date learning resources and hardware for project-based learning is very limited. We aim to close this gap by providing schools, universities, and enthusiasts with access to exoskeleton knowledge and hardware. Our educational EduExo kits are designed to make learning about exoskeleton technology more accessible and efficient, saving educators significant preparation time and costs.

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Important Quick Facts

Our EduExos are educational systems. To ensure that your expectations match our intentions, here are quick facts about our EduExo products.

What they are:

  • Educational robotics kits that will help you learn about wearable exoskeleton technology.

  • Do-it-yourself kits that require active participation and willingness to learn new things.


What they are Not:

  • They are not medical devices that are intended to be used for any kind of medical application.

  • They are not exoskeletons that will make you super strong. The actuation is only intended to illustrate basic exoskeleton principles.

  • They are not robots that work out of the box. You have to make them work. That is a feature!

For whom they are:

  • For teachers and professors who want to set up exoskeleton courses or labs.

  • For researchers looking for a versatile exoskeleton research platform.

  • For high school and university students who want to learn about robotic exoskeletons.

  • For makers and hobbyists looking for a fun project in a fascinating field.

Additional Resources

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How can I get one?

You can order our educational EduExos directly through our online shop.
In case you have any questions, please
contact us.

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