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Educating Future Exoskeleton Pioneers

Our EduExo product line was developed to enable students, teachers, hobbyists, and researchers to learn about and teach exoskeleton technology.


Our motivation is always to make exoskeletons more accessible. Our educational exoskeletons are an essential part of this mission. Our EduExo kits support aspiring exoskeleton experts and educators by offering exciting learning experiences at an affordable price.

For Teachers, Students, Hobbyists, and Makers

Our EduExo's are robotic exoskeleton kits that you assemble and program yourself. They contain the hardware needed to build an exoskeleton. An accompanying handbook contains a tutorial that will guide you through the different assembly steps. In addition, the handbook provides background information on exoskeleton history, functionality, and technology. In the end, you will have a good theoretical understanding of exoskeletons and practical hands-on experience building and programming your own robotic exoskeleton.

There are three different versions available: the EduExo Maker a digital edition that you can download for free, the standard EduExo 2.0, and the advanced EduExo Pro.

Find out which EduExo is right for you?

EduExo Pro


Our advanced educational exoskeleton kit. Features sophisticated exoskeleton hardware and a comprehensive 164-page handbook covering many topics of exoskeleton development. Perfect for educators and exoskeleton researchers.

EduExo 2.0

The EduExo 2.0 contains a printed handbook and all parts to assemble an elbow exoskeleton. Perfect for hobbyists, students, and educators.


EduExo Maker


The digital edition of the original EduExo 1.0 that you can download for free. It contains a handbook (PDF) and the STL files of all EduExo parts. 

Feature overview


Handbook overview


Our EduExo's are educational systems. To make sure that your expectations match our intentions, here are quick facts about the different EduExo kits.

What they are:

  • Educational robotics kits that will help you learn about exoskeleton technology.

  • Do-it-yourself kits that require active participation and willingness to learn new things.


What they are Not:

  • They are not medical devices that are intended to be used for any kind of medical application.

  • They are not exoskeletons that will make you super strong. The actuation is only intended to illustrate basic exoskeleton principles.

  • They are not robots that work out of the box. You have to make them work. That is a feature!

For whom they are:

  • For teachers and professors who want to set up exoskeleton courses or labs.

  • For high school and university students who want to learn about robotic exoskeletons.

  • For researchers looking for affordable exoskeleton hardware.

  • For makers and hobbyists looking for a fun project in a fascinating field.

How can i get One?

You can order our educational EduExos directly through our online shop.
In case you have any questions, please
contact us.

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