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Educating Future Exoskeleton Pioneers

EduExo Maker

EduExo Maker


The EduExo Maker is a digital version of the original EduExo that was launched in 2017. It is an entirely digital product that is available for free. You have to order the components and 3D print the exoskeleton structure with the files provided (additional costs). Regarding content, there are several differences compared to the EduExo 2.0 and EduExo Pro versions launched in 2022.

Visit our overview website to learn about the available versions.


What does "digital product" mean?

You receive a ZIP folder containing a pdf file of the handbook along with the STL files that you can use to 3D print the exoskeleton parts yourself. You also have to order all components with a list provided in the handbook.

If you are unsure, simply get it (it is for free) and look at the handbook. Even without the intention to build the EduExo, you can still read through the handbook (120 pages) to learn about exoskeletons from Auxivo experts.

EduExo Maker Part Suppliers

Below you find here a list of suppliers for the main components of the EduExo Maker exoskeleton. We plan to extend this list as we find new, reliable, and affordable part suppliers. We also try to find suppliers in different parts of the world as our users are from everywhere. We would highly appreciate it if you shared any good suppliers with the EduExo community and us.


As a general hint: As you buy small quantities, a good starting point (especially for parts such as cables and screws) is your local electronics and hardware store.




Analog Feedback Servo Motor:

Adafruit (US)

Force Sensor:

Sparkfun (US)

Play-zone (CH)

Exp-Tech (GER)


Force Sensor Amplifier (DIP/DIL version for the breadboard):

Digikey (US)


Microcontroller (Arduino UNO):

Arduino Official (Wordwide)


In addition to the official website, you will find the Arduino UNO in almost every online electronics store. Be aware that other Arduinos (e.g. the Arduino Mega) and other Microcontroller brands may work as well as long as they provide the required functionality.

How can i get One?

You can order the free EduExo Maker directly through our online shop.
In case you have any questions, please contact us.

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