The Advance Educational Exoskeleton EduExo Pro


The EduExo Pro is an advanced version of our EduExo educational exoskeleton kit that includes additional content and a more powerful exoskeleton hardware.


EduExo Pro is was developed to enable students, educators, and researchers to learn about and teach exoskeleton technology. The kit contains the hardware that you need to assemble an arm exoskeleton. In addition, the handbook teaches you theoretical knowledge and includes a manual on how to build and program the hardware. 


The EduExo Pro is, as an educational system, subject to some limitations. To make sure that your expectations match our intentions, here are quick facts about the EduExo Pro kit:

What it is:

  • An educational robotics kit that will help you learn about exoskeleton technology.

  • A do-it-yourself kit that requires active participation and willingness to learn new things.

What it is Not:

  • It is not a medical device that is intended to be used for any kind of medical application.

  • It is not an exoskeleton that will make you super strong. The actuation is only intended to illustrate basic exoskeleton principles.

  • It is not a robot that works out of the box. You have to make it work. That is a feature!

For whom it is:

  • For teachers and professors who want to set up exoskeleton courses or labs.

  • For high school and university students who want to learn about robotic exoskeletons.

  • For researchers looking for affordable exoskeleton hardware.

  • For makers and hobbyists looking for a fun project in a fascinating field.

Box Content

The following packing video provides a short overview of what you will find when opening the EduExo Pro box.

Handbook Content

The handbook of the EduExo Pro consists of 10 main chapters that introduce you to state-of-the-art exoskeleton technology. All chapters have a theoretical part that teaches you in-depth knowledge about exoskeletons. In addition, most chapters have a tutorial section that guides you through the following assembly and programming steps to build your own exoskeleton with the hardware provided in the box.


1. Introduction

The first chapter introduces the field of robotic exoskeletons. A look at exoskeleton history, examples of existing systems, their functionality, and their applications.


4. Mechanical design

Time to discuss hardware design and manufacturing. Learn about technical drawing, CAD design, stress-strain analysis, and design a customized arm cuff that can be 3D printed.


7. Basic Control Systems

In chapter seven, control systems are discussed. Different controllers that define the exoskeleton-user interaction are introduced. Step-by-step we discuss, implement, and test them.


10. Scientific Experiments

Now that the exoskeleton is finished, it is time to evaluate the support it provides in a systematic way.


2. Exoskeleton Development

Who develops exoskeletons? And what do exoskeleton developers do all day? This chapter talks about the exoskeleton development process and required skills.


5. Electronics

This chapter teaches the basic electronics knowledge and skills needed to connect all electronic parts of the EduExo Pro safely.


8. Advanced Control Systems

The most important task of the control system is to ensure that it provides support when needed. To do so, the user's movement intention and physical load are valuable information. They can be estimated using muscle activity.


3. Anatomy and Mechanics

The third chapter covers the basics of human functional anatomy and exoskeleton mechanics. Here it gets hands-on with a tutorial on the assembly of the EduExo Pro.


6. Software

This chapter covers the software that turns the mechanical exoskeleton into a robotic exoskeleton. It contains source code examples for all exoskeleton core functions.


9. Virtual Reality & Video Games

Virtual realities and video games can be used with exoskeletons. They are, for example, used to increase motivation in patients that use exoskeletons for rehabilitation, e.g., after a stroke.

The following videos provide you with additional impressions of the EduExo hardware and handbook content. Please note that the depicted system is a prototype, not the final hardware. 

Teaching with the EduExo Pro

The EduExo Pro was designed to facilitate teaching practical courses on topics ranging from hardware design, electronics, control theory, software design to scientific evaluation. The handbook contains all the information a student would need to assemble the exoskeleton and program basic control strategies. It is ideally suited for group work, allowing each student to contribute in a unique way (hardware, electronics, control, game design, experiments) or encouraging them to go through each step together. The EduExo Pro can be customized in many ways, from implementing more advanced control strategies to improving the hardware. Teachers have complete freedom to customize and add modules to suit their needs.

how can I get one?

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