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European research shows that the LiftSuit reduces muscle fatigue

Standardized measurements at the European exoskeleton benchmarking facility “EUROBENCH” showed that wearing the LiftSuit reduces muscle load and muscle fatigue in back and hip muscles.

Auxivo has, since its incorporation, been committed to developing the best possible product for our customers. Rigorously testing and evaluating our exoskeletons is an integral part of this process. Openly sharing the results of these tests helped to communicate what our products can offer transparently.

To facilitate this communication, more established standards in the exoskeleton industry are needed to make it easier for potential users to decide, based on manufacturer information, if an exoskeleton is a suitable solution for their needs.

To fill this gap, we participate in programs like EUROBENCH, which aims to create the first benchmarking framework for exoskeletons in Europe. In collaboration with international partners, new protocols and experimental setups have been designed that allow for a reliable and standardized assessment of lift-exoskeletons.

Using these protocols, the LiftSuit has been systematically benchmarked in 2022. The results are now available and prove that the LiftSuit can reduce muscle activity by over 30% and muscle fatigue by over 40% when holding heavy loads while leaning forward. The reduction of muscle fatigue by the LiftSuit is an important finding because it has been shown in the past that rested muscles are better at preventing injuries.

For our customers, this means that every repetition is less strainful, and every second they remain in a forward-leaning posture is less exhausting when using the LiftSuit. The data also highlights how effective lightweight textile exoskeletons can be.

The methods and results have been published by the Cambridge University Press in the Journal of Wearable Technologies.


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