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New OmniSuit Study Published

Updated: Jul 16

A new OmniSuit study conducted by Auxivo and ETH scientists has been published in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics! The study demonstrates that the OmniSuit design can offer multi-joint support during multitask activities. Its capability to assist users' bodies throughout the entire vertical range of motion can further reduce the workload compared to single-joint exoskeletons, particularly in applications such as logistics, construction, and manufacturing.

Study Overview:

Participants and Task: 31 participants lifted a load of 2.5kg from the floor and placed it overhead, spanning the entire vertical range of motion. They performed this twice: once with the OmniSuit and once without.

Measurements: At nine positions, electromyography was used to record muscle activity in the back and shoulder muscles over the entire vertical range of motion.


  • The OmniSuit reduced average back muscle activity significantly by over 30% (lower back) and by over 40% (upper back) during the first phase of the task when the load was lifted from ground level to hip height.

  • The OmniSuit reduced average shoulder muscle activity significantly between 30 and 50% when lifting the load from belly height to overhead level.

The complete methods and results have been published in the Journal of Applied Ergonomics.

The publication is open-access and freely available online (Link).

For more information on the OmniSuit, please visit our product website (Link).

Download the full publication as a PDF:

Download PDF • 1.91MB


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